Before I started this site, I spent a few months buying damaged iPhones on Ebay and Craigslist. I figured I could fix a few of them and make some money. What I learned was that water damage is a big problem and you need to be prepared for what to do if your iPhone gets wet. Whether you knock your coffee, water or beer onto it, put it in the washing machine, drop it in the pool or worse yet, the toilet what to do next is very simple. I shot this video for fun to go along with this post. Let me know what you think and please subscribe to my YouTube channel. It will help me out :) – click continue reading just below the embedded video for the rest of the article. First, if you’ve dropped your iPhone in water quickly get it out BUT DO NOT TURN IT BACK ON! If you do its not the end of the world, but electricity and H2O don’t mix and you might short circuit your iPhone. Next try and dry our your iPhone as best you can. Feel free to shake the iPhone and use a hairdryer. Next get a large ziploc bag and fill it with rice and place your iPhone inside. The rice helps pull the excess moisture out of the iPhone. After 24-48 hours pass take your iPhone out and turn it on. If you are lucky it will work. If your iPhone was only submerged for a few seconds this likely will work! On the downside, because water got inside your iPhone there is a good chance it will slowly rust causing your iPhone to malfunction and eventually die. A few iPhones I purchased as “water damaged” I was able to get working again. However, usually the iPhone responded strangely in some form before I could fully charge and restore it. I would never buy an iPhone being sold as water damaged. Yes, it may be working fine, but there is a risk it is rusting away slowly on the inside and will have problems down the road.

If your iPhone doesn’t work remember you can get it replaced at the Apple store for $199. Yes, that’s a lot but not really when compared to the new purchase price of $599 (with contract) or $699 (without contract). Apple will know the iPhone has been water damaged as there are 4 sensors on the iPhone that turn pink if they come into contact with water. Bottom line, be careful with your iPhone around water. If you are going to a sporting event where it might rain, either don’t take it or bring a plastic bag to put it in to keep it dry. If an accident does happen, get it in the rice as soon as possible.