Back in December I posted a video titled Top Ten Winterboard Themes for 2011 & 2012 which has received over 150,000. Since it has been one of my most liked videos and there have been numerous better themes released since then I decided to do another Winterboard Theme video. These themes are for iPhones and iPods although most also have an iPad version. This list has dark, white, red, blue and orange themes! So enjoy the video and then click “continue reading” if you want additional details on any of these quality themes.

To make most of these themes better I suggest installing Barrel, ColorKeyboard, Iconoclasm and Move2Unlock. All install into your native Settings app. All these themes can be found in Cydia. Many are in the insanelyi and xsellize repos.

boss.iOS (FIF7Y) – Only available on the Theme it app and the insanelyi repo. You definitely want this theme. There are SD and HD versions for all iDevices. Themes SBSettings tons of icons and even Siri. There is a massive thread at ModMyi here that has tons of widgets and backgrounds you can add to the theme.

Se7en Special Edition Inferno (JimmyL) $0.99 – This theme entails over 70 add on icons for the massive Se7en HD/SD theme. These red icons look amazing with wallpaper you can download here. Provides a red and gold glow. For additional widgets and backgrounds look here.

Faith HD/SD (cukhiem) $2.99 – Inspired by Noki, this light iDevice theme has it all. Themes the phone, SBSettings, keyboard and more. Icons have 3D look and lots of depth. Many lockscreens available as well. If looking for additional widgets start here.

iSquare HD (Raul Garcia) $1.00 – Simple theme that looks great on white iDevice. Clean squared white icons. Goes great with fade effect in Barrel.

Atomic Glow HD (thepostman) Free – My favorite theme from last year. Nothing pops like this theme. It glows in whatever background color you choose (I prefer blue or purple). The downside is there are not a lot of icons so you must place some in folders if you really want theme to look like it is supposed to. Upside is that it is a small download and free.

eXplos1on HD (JunesIphone $2.99 – Icons have exploding look. Themes phone, keyboard, SBSettings and more. Icons keep their familar colors and look, but are broken aprat to produce this effect.

Shift HD 2 (James T. Papp) – Tons of icons and looks great with a variety of orange backgrounds.

Th3 Dark HD (hanth3dark) $1.90 – Theme that is great for Halloween. Black and yellow icons that theme phone and lock screen as well. Biggest downside is icons not familar so you may want to leave the labels turned on.

VIP (FIF7Y) – Only available on the Theme it app and the insanelyi repo. There are SD and HD versions for all iDevices. Lots of icons, lockscreens and wallpapers. For additional widgets for this theme check here.

Jaku (Lokheed) – $2.99 – Japanese for “tranquility” theme provides icons for all default Apple applications plus over 100 3rd party apps. Themes changes are subtle for many icons. Personal favorites are the iFile icon (back of a 1.44 Floppy), Contacts (the @ symbol) and Stocks (back of dollar bill).